Study Shows THC Removes Toxic Protein

The psychoactive compound of marijuana rids the brain of the toxic protein that causes Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are thought to be caused by nerve cell death, caused by the the accumulation of a amyloid proteins. The build-up of the proteins triggers a toxic inflammatory response that eventually leads to brain […]


Canada Day - Buy Weed Online, Now With Weed Delivery In Vancouver

Come celebrate Canada’s 153rd birthday with our store wide sales!  Get 20% select strains (below), and get 15% ALL concentrates ALL day today! Gorilla skittles Chernobyl Argen’s Haze Pinkzilla Fatso elite Pinkenstine Quantum Tahoe og To shop all products, click here. A little about Canada Day: “Canada Day, observed on July 1st, is a national […]

Comparing Weed Weights

Differences in weed weights -Buy Weed Online with Canada's #1 Cannabis Dispensary -

When you buy weed online or at your local dispensary, it’s always broken down into specific weights when weighed and measured.  Comparing weed weights can get confusing when you break it down completely, because as if remembering the specific weights used isn’t challenging enough for the average stoner, then you have to memorize how many […]

COVID19 Pandemic – Here’s What We’re Doing To Help Stop The Spread

COVID19 - Buy Weed Online with Canada's #1 Cannabis Dispensary -

We living in uncertain and difficult times right now, with businesses closing down and people self-isolating themselves inside their homes. We just want you to know about our commitment to providing you consistent, quality services even as the COVID19 (aka Coronavirus, COVID-19) virus pandemic is sweeping through Vancouver as well as the neighboring cities and […]


Buy Weed Online with Canada's #1 Cannabis Dispensary -

Kick off your Superbowl Sunday with a touch down deal! The Lions aren’t in the bowl but you can roar about this one – Deathstar Super Elite. When we say this in house is pure gas we mean it. It’s on fire and sticks to anything like glue. Warning! Not for lightweights. Get it for […]